The Melete Scholarship Scheme

Supporting the next generation of visionary innovator

The aim of this scheme is to provide a useful sum of money to chosen students at specific institutions in a way that might aid them to use their talents to align with positive societal goals and perhaps help them on their way to becoming leaders of the future. The scheme aims to be simple and straightforward.

  • The scheme will operate in partnership with a small number of institutions.
  • The scheme is not aimed at any particular community or any particular subject matter. The overriding criterion for selection will be the student’s aptitude to further Melete’s mission of stimulating sustainable innovation with positive social outcomes.
  • Our partner institutions will make it known to their coming intake.
  • Those interested will be invited to write a brief piece about themselves.
  • There will be a selection process.
  • Successful student will receive a cash gift which is intended to give them additional financial freedom over the following year to further the goals their application described.
  • The gift will be theirs to dispose of in any way they choose.
  • They will be given the opportunity to meet with other recipients of the Melete Scholarship to share notes and build on the collective experience and achievements.
  • They will be encourage to write a piece about their experience in that year and apply for a further donation.
  • There will be opportunities to meet with the Melete founders during the year and benefit from such counsel and contacts as might be appropriate.

Because Melete is an independent institution answerable only to its Trustees the scheme will be operated with minimum bureaucracy. Its only aim is to provide some extra financial freedom for the recipients’ talents to flourish.

This Scheme will be judged on how scholars fare in terms of what they achieve in their lives. By choosing exceptional people and giving them a chance to formulate what they want to achieve and a helping hand in taking the first steps we will seek to see how many show up in channels of public recognition such as Wikipedia.

Our first two scholars were selected in June 2022, they are…

Shuang Ao
AI transformation of pictures in children’s stories to haptic interaction

Joseph Kwarteng
The computational redefinition of intersectional hate speech in the context of misogynoir